Welcome to Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong

Meet Howard Tuckett, our Founding Headmaster at Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong.

Dear Parents,

I am delighted that Wycombe Abbey School is coming to the dynamic, culturally vibrant and diverse international city of Hong Kong.

Our vision is to give many generations of Hong Kong children the opportunity to benefit from a truly exceptional education. This education will draw on the very best teaching practices and traditions of Wycombe Abbey in the UK, a school that is recognised internationally as one of the UK’s finest independent academic schools.

Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong hopes to provide Hong Kong children of primary school age with an outstanding education during their most crucial formative years. We aim to prepare our pupils for entry into the finest independent secondary schools in the World.

We trust you will enjoy exploring our website to find out more about us and register your interest. Once our campus is up and running, I very much hope that you will visit the school, but in the meantime, please schedule an 'Explore' meeting so that we can meet in person to discuss your child’s primary education at our exciting new school. 

Yours sincerely,

Howard Tuckett.
Founding Headmaster of Wycombe Abbey School Hong Kong


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